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Can You Print A House?

In 2021, the answer is yes. 3-D printing technology has come of age and in numerous pilot projects across the world, houses are being printed, finished, and occupied.

Welcome to StreetSmart Investments, LLC

StreetSmart Investments, LLC (StreetSmart) provides expert consulting services around real estate and cryptocurrency. We can construct deals that involve both asset classes. But we also work to help clients maximize their real estate portfolios through property exchange and creative use of notes and and other deal structures.

StreetSmart Investments, LLC, is also committed to providing high-quality assisted living housing, apartments and self-storage products in desirable areas across the United States. We are currently adding to our portfolio of apartments, self-storage facilities, and manufactured home parks by acquiring properties in distressed situations.

We help sellers by purchasing your property or by working with you to market your property to creative equity buyers and exchangers.​

  1. Quick closing with all cash for exceptional opportunities
  2. Creative approaches to accomplishing the seller's objectives in selling the property
  3. Ability to structure and close an exchange of cryptocurrency for real estate

Want More Information?

Looking for more information about investments? Search for our podcast, Anderson Business Advisors, or check out my Think Realty article on property exchange which discusses creative approaches to deal-making and a group of people, the National Council of Exchangers, who specialize in this approach.

Invest in Cash Flow Real Estate​

StreetSmart Investments develops opportunities for investors interested in taking advantage of the lower risk and higher returns available through investing in commercial cash flowing real estate.

StreetSmart typically structures investment opportunities as Syndications (also known as Private Placements or Regulation D offerings) and cannot publicly advertise opportunities.

​For more information about specific projects, please complete our Investors Questionnaire or click the button below.

Real Estate Investments​


Real Estate

We invest in a wide variety of commercial real estate and can help others do the same. Find out about our projects and those in our network of colleagues.

Equity Exchange Marketing

We are certified equity marketing specialists. This means we can construct deals between multiple parties, involving direct exchange of real estate.

Training and


We provide training and education in commercial real estate investing and in real estate and cryptocurrency. We are available to speak at your investing event or podcast


We are experts in cryptocurrency and its use in real estate, having negotiated sales and purchases with cryptocurrency, and are active contributors to real estate periodicals about security token offerings and other real estate – crypto approaches. We literally wrote the book on the subject. Give us a call today to learn how we can help you with your cryptocurrency needs or visit our website.

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