Streetsmart Investments,LLC



Real Solutions to Real Estate Challenges

StreetSmart Investments, LLC, is committed to providing high quality housing and self storage products in desirable areas across the United States.  We are currently adding to our portfolio of apartments, self storage facilities, and manufactured home parks by acquiring properties in distressed situations.

We help SELLERS by purchasing your property or by working with you to market your property to creative equity buyers and exchangers.

  1. quick closing with all cash for exceptional opportunities

  2. creative approaches to accomplishing the seller's objectives in selling the property

We assist INVESTORS by providing training and coaching in investing in real estate.  We focus on commercial real estate, creative approaches to buying, selling, and managing properties, and real estate risk analysis.  We also help investors leverage smaller investments into larger, more cost effective and less risky properties through syndications.

At StreetSmart, we understand that investing is a team sport.  We protect brokers, wholesalers, bird dogs, and all of our teammates in our transactions.  We choose opportunities where all parties can accomplish their core objectives.  We are also committed to the communities where we invest and strive to improve the lives of our tenants and the surrounding areas.